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Bandura platform

The cybersecurity landscape has changed. Data and users are everywhere and attacks happen in real-time. You can no longer solve real-time problems with reactive tactics. You need real-time intelligence and the ability to enforce it autonomously.

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Smart: Simple, innovative technology and best-in-class threat intelligence

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Simple: Easy to integrate any data source & assess your security posture

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Scalable: We block attacks from up to 150M malicious IPs and domains in real-time with no latency

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Everywhere: Easily deployable on-prem, in the cloud, and as a fully hosted SaaS solution

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The Bandura platform consists of two components that work together to aggregate & integrate your threat intelligence in the cloud.

How it Works

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Bandura in the Cloud

Accessed through our management portal

  • Complete visibility and control via an easy-to-use SaaS-based application interface.

  • Aggregates IP and domain threat intelligence from multiple providers including over 30M threat indicators out of the box

  • Integrates your threat intelligence from any source in real time, including; commercial, government, ISAC/ISAOs, TIPS, SOARs, SIEMs

Bandura ThreatBlockr

Easily deployed on your network and automatically updated via the cloud service, the firewall is where the action takes place:

  • Inline gateway deployed either in front of or behind the firewall

  • Proactively blocks malicious and unwanted network connections based on threat intelligence, country, and organization

  • Logs activity & actions and delivers them back to the cloud for robust reporting and delivery to your SIEM

The Bandura platform Can be Deployed on Either Side of Your NGFW

Behind the NGFW offers internal network visibility into threats and policy violations

In Front of the NGFW

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Simple, intuitive, immediate, on-demand blocking, as close to the ISP point as possible with no network performance degradation

Reducing the attack surface

”Protecting" the NGFW (DDOS mitigation, etc.)

Save $$$$ by reducing NGFW resource requirements

Behind the NGFW

Row of icons demonstrating the deploy process

Single point-of-truth for security analysis

Reduce logging correlation requirements – The Bandura Cyber Firewall sees all endpoints before they are NAT'd by the firewall

Protect multiple, physically separate networks

East-West protection without NAT'ing complications

Use Cases for Wherever You are on your Threat Intelligence Journey

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Just Getting Started

For those organizations who might be new to threat intelligence, and are looking for a turn-key solution, the Bandura platform offers over 30M out-of-box indicators from various threat intelligence sources including commercial, government, and open source, all in one automated, powerful, easy-to-use solution.

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Intermediate Users

Perhaps you’re an organization that is already utilizing threat intelligence in your security practice. The Bandura platform provides a single solution for operationalizing your threat intelligence investments, with support for blocking up to 150M threat indicators.

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Sophisticated Users

For you Rock Stars out there who have a mature threat intelligence practice, you’re probably looking for additional visibility, control, and integration. The Bandura platform simplifies customization through an ever growing ecosystem of partner integrations, customized APIs, STIX/TAXII capabilities, and automated integrations with SIEMs and SOARs.

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